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APPSC Departmental Tests Schedule 28th and 29th Nov Download Hall Tickets

Click Here to Download APPSC Departmental Test Hall Tickets

APPSC Departmental Test Hall Tickets has been placed in the APPSC official website Teachers can download GO Test(GOT), EO Test(EOT) and other departmental test hall tickets can download from the website .
  • Click here for Departmental Test Syllabus(GO/EO/HM Account Test) Click Here

Overview Dept Test Schedule

  • D.T. for Gazetted Officers of Education Department (88,97) :
  • D.T. for Gazetted Officers of Education Department : Paper - I(WITH BOOKS) Code 88 : 28-11-2015 (09:00 A.M TO 11:00 A.M)
  • D.T. for Gazetted Officers of Education Department : Paper - II(WITH BOOKS) Code 97 :
  • The Accounts Test for Executive Officers(WITH BOOKS) Code : 141 : 29-11-2015 (09:00 A.M TO 11:00 A.M)

How to Download APPSC Departmental Test Hall Tickets

Candidates who wish to download APPSC departmental test hall tickets can download using Reference Id or Name of Candidate or Date of Birth of Candidate. After login to the official APPSC website, click on the Departmental Test Hall Ticket Download link. In the opened from type fields as said above. Use print button to get Hall Ticket without any distortion.

Departmental Exams Instructions

Candidates who wish to write APPSC Departmental Examinations on 28-11-2015 (09:00 A.M TO 11:00 A.M) GO Test Paper I Code 88 and 28-11-2015 (02:00 P.M TO 04:00 P.M) GO Test Paper II Code 97 has to follow the following instructions scrupulously.
  1. The candidate should verify the name, designation, address and his photograph on the Hall Ticket. In case of any corrections, he/she may do so in the Nominal Roll, for updating the data in the Commission's records.
  2. In case the Hall-Ticket is without photo or too small, he/she should affix a passport size photo on Hall-ticket and appear by duly getting attested by Gazetted Officer. He/she shall handover similar photo for each paper to Chief Superintendent for affixing the same on the Nominal Rolls.
  3. The candidate will not be admitted to the examination Hall after grace period of TEN minutes of the scheduled time and should not leave the examination Hall till the expiry of the full Time.
  4. The candidate's admission to the Examination is provisional, subject to the eligibility, confirmation/satisfaction of conditions laid down in the Notification No.07/2015.
  5. Future correspondence, if any, shall be made by enclosing the Hall Ticket. He/she may obtain Chief Superintendent's attestation on Hall Ticket for attendance certification.
  6. For answering the Objective Type papers, candidate will be supplied carbonless OMR Sheet which consists two layers. After completion of full time of the examination, candidate shall detach the sheets. He/she should handover the top sheet to the Invigilator and retain the Carbon Copy of the answer sheet.
  7. The Conventional Type Tests, such as, Language Tests, Translation Tests and Suveyor's Tests, papers should be answered in chosen language only. Answering of any paper in bilingual, ie., partly in English and Telugu/Urdu leads to invalidation.
  8. The candidates should put his/ her signature and get the signature of the invigilator at the appropriate places in the OMR Sheet/Bar Code sheet affixed on answer script. He/She should note that certain Test Papers are set in four/two series, i.e, A,B,C,D/A,B. The relevant series is to be bubbled carefully on OMR Sheet.
  9. Instructions to be followed scrupulously in the Examination Hall

Things Must to DO

  1. Candidate should write the register number and booklet series and bubble the circles on the OMR sheet with blue/black ball pen only.
  2. The bare acts are alone permitted to refer in the examination hall, for with book papers.
  3. Candidate should carry required stationery like pen, simple calculator, and instrument box.candidates appearing for survey tests shall bring their own instrument box
  4. Candidate should maintain strict discipline in the examination hall.

Things Must not to DO

  1. Writing with sketch pens, colour pens, marking any symbols at any other places, use of whitener, failure to bubble/wrong bubbling leads to invalidation of script.
  2. Use of guides, commentaries, short notes, made easy, hand written or photostat papers, dairies, training institute material and hand books are strictly not allowed.
  3. possession and usage of mobile phone, electronic gadgets and programmable/scientific calculators in the examination hall is unlawful and liable for debarment
  4. The candidate is prohibited from communicating, consulting or conversing with other candidates, causing disturbance and adopting agitation tactics in the examination hall.