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GO.MS.No.147 Dt. 30-11-15 Snctn of teaching and non-teaching staff to the newly established (9) APSWR Schools under SCSP 2013-14

       The Social Welfare Department has stated that the Nodal Agency for Development of SC/STs has agreed to sanction of the following APSWR Schools and recommended to the A.P. State Council for Development of SC/STs. The State Council has approved the said
recommendations and sanctioned the following (9) APSWR Schools under SC Sub Plan:

1. Tadikonda, Guntur District.
2. Gannavaram, East Godavari District.
3. G.D. Nellore, Chittoor District.
4. Pothalapattu, Chittoor District.
5. Pamarru, Krishna District.
6. Gurajala, Guntur District.
7. Bogole, SPSR Nellore District.
8. Korrapadu, Ananthapur District.
9. Achanta, West Godavari District.

        Administrative sanction orders have been issued for construction of New (9) APSWR Schools complexes for Rs.13.00 Crores to each school vide G.O.Ms.No.93, Social Welfare (RS.2) Department, dt.17- 12-2013 & G.O.Ms.No.10, Social Welfare (RS.2) Department, dt.25-01-2014.

       After careful examination of the proposal of the Social Welfare Department, the Government hereby accord sanction for creation of the following (25) teaching staff and (11) non-teaching staff to each newly established (9) APSWR Schools (totalling to 324 posts) under SCSP 2013-14.

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