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         Based on the recommendations of Ninth Pay Revision Commission 2010, orders were issued in the Government order Sixth read above, sanctioning Special Compensatory Allowance on a slab system with reference to the basic pay drawn in Revised Pay Scales, 2010, to the employees working in the State Government in the villages / Hamlets of Non-Mandals, Mandals of scheduled areas and those villages / hamlets of scheduled areas located in Hills / Hilltops located in scheduled areas. The
lists of Villages / Hamlets in Schedules areas located in Non-mandals and Mandal Head Quarters located in Scheduled Areas for sanction of Special Compensatory Allowance were detailed in Annexure – I and II respectively appended to 1st cited and the list of Villages / Hamlets of Scheduled areas located in Hills / Hilltops for sanction of Special Compensatory Allowance were also detailed in Annexure–III appended to 1st cited.

     Subsequently the payment of Special Compensatory Allowance has been extended to the employees working in the villages/hamlets and also in Non-Mandal headquarters, as shown in the orders vide 2nd to 5th cited.

   In the Government order Seventh read above, orders were issued implementing Revised Pay Scales, 2015 based on the recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission, to the State Government Employees.

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