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Projects and Assignments for AP Govt Schools

The present CCE mode of curriculum has evolved from State Curriculum Framework (SCF) 2011. Here the teacher is a facilitator. Gone are the days when the children open their mouths in the classroom only to answer the few questions posed by the teacher. Gone are the days when only the teacher dominates the entire class.

The CCE mode of learning is activity based learning through Projects, Assignments and through real life situations which bring the society at large into the classroom as stated by SCF-2011 :

Children's life at school must be linked to their life outside the school. Thus projects are part and parcel of classroom learning. As we are all aware, projects are a set of activities in which students understand the concept thoroughly, collectively collect relevant information and arrive at certain conclusions. Projects, done in groups, as they should be, develop skills in Academic Standards such as Communication, Problem Solving, Connection with other subjects and representation & Visualization.

In this book, suggestible projects are presented class wise, subject wise, chapter wise and concept wise. The teacher plays a vital role in making the students do the projects. He/she should have a thorough understanding of the projects before they are taken into the classroom.

The projects should be clearly explained to the students so that they are done with complete comprehension and with keen interest. The teacher should motivate the students in such a manner that they participate and involve themselves in doing projects, irrespective of their capabilities and limitations.

This book on projects is prepared by our own teaching faculty with much dedication and enthusiasm to make our classrooms lively, meaningful and learning - oriented. I take this opportunity to thank one and all who have put in their heart and soul in bringing out this useful book on projects. And I wish that the same hard work and enthusiasm reflect while doing the projects.

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